3D Pen with LCD Display

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Use the 3D pen with plastic filament to create real-life objects.



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About this item:

  • The 3D pen allows users to create 3D objects with the ease of a pen. Bring anything from your imagination into reality
  • The pens feature a load filament, speed controller, heat dissipation port, and a place for holding your thumbs
  • Additional features include filament insert port, temperature adjustment, LCD screen, unload filament feature, and power jack
  • Come with a free PLA Filament (plastic)
  • This product has a stable function, CVT, one-hand operation, super silent design, circular arc wire feeding mouth, and nozzle plug-in design
  • This product is made of eco-friendly plastic
  • The product is safe to be used by children 

Dimensions: 184*31*46

Additional information
Weight 75 g
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 in

Black, Blue, Pink, White

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for 3D Pen with LCD Display

  1. Sebastien Atherton

    I’ve only been involved with 3d printing for about 6 months now and I’ve tried numerous different things, this 3D pen actually blows me away! I’ve got 2 x 3D printers and anyone who has played with them knows that they don’t always print the way you would like! Sometimes they’re print fragile parts, yes, I know it’s all in my settings, I’m just not there yet! I print parts or items and as I said some don’t come out the way you want. The 3D pen is where it all comes together for me!

  2. Arthur. M

    First try on a 3d pen for us, since my daughter wants to do the same things as dad with his 3d printer 🙂
    A little big for the hands of my 8 yo little girl, but she manage to figure out really quick how to install/remove the filament from the pen. Would love to get the instruction in french for her, but since i was able to help her out, all was good at the end.

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