Who We Are

We are a team of tech enthusiasts full of developers, designers and digital marketers, who aspire to transform and enhance the lives of others using technology. That’s why we hand pick fun and useful tech gadgets you can shop for, while supporting a social cause that focuses on transforming the lives of other communities using technology.

How we give back

We are tech enthusiasts and our mission is simple: to make the benefits of technology accessible for individuals across the globe. This is why we are committed to supporting organizations that strive to bridge the technology gap amongst marginalized communities.

Every purchase at Facedrive Marketplace has an impact. 

Supporting the creation of economic opportunities for marginalized groups. 

A portion of profits made from each purchase is donated to Annie Cannons, an organization focused on transforming human trafficking survivors into software engineers and entrepreneurs through education.

Learn more about AnnieCannons.

Our Products

Our collection of gadgets are handpicked from our team to not only ensure their quality but have a positive impact on people and the planet.

Women-Owned Businesses

Many of the products are sourced from women-owned businesses.

Eco-Conscious Practices

Some of our products are both reusable and promote sustainable lifestyles. Some of our suppliers also implement ecodesign and recycled materials in their product design and packaging.


That’s right, some of the gadgets on our site are handcrafted! You can see which products are handmade by looking at the tags on each product.