LED Selfie Ring Light Phone Clip

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Clip-on selfie light with 3 brightness settings to enhance the lighting in photographs and videos.

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About this item 

  •  Illuminating rechargeable clip-on has 3 brightness settings to enhance the lighting in photographs and videos
  •  Attaches easily to any device 
  •  Perfect for Facebook Live, Zoom Video Calls, Make-Up Tutorial,  Conference Calls, TikTok
  •  Women-owned product 
Additional information
Weight 123 g
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 6 in
Reviews (2)

2 reviews for LED Selfie Ring Light Phone Clip

  1. Tamsin Holding

    Love this! I’m in quarantine and hate having to find new lighting options as the day goes on and the light changes or having to rig up lamps in weird, messy configurations. This light is perfect. The clip is sturdy and the LEDs are bright.

    Pro tip: combine using this light with Snapchat for desktop and you’ll look incredible on all your calls.

  2. R Yuen

    This device is the perfect size and will comfortably fit 99% of phones. I personally tried it with iPhone 7, 7+, Samsung Galaxy s7, s8+, and it clipped on perfectly. For such a small device, I was blown away at how bright it was. It is compact so I can take it around with me in a bag, or purses for the ladies. I love how there are 3 different modes of light. These colors will help match the room you are standing in and blends well with the pre-existing light of the room. This ring light is not just for selfies though, it is bright enough to be used as an emergency flashlight, or even a mini photoshoot. I definitely recommend this product to people who enjoy photography, or have another use for the light. Worth every penny!

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